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Environmental remediation Water treatment Thinking of the future Using modern technologies

DIAMO, state enterprise, branch GEAM 

The GEAM Dolní Rožínka spin-off plant carries out liquidation work as part of the mitigation of the consequences of mining activities. This involves the rehabilitation of the rock environment affected by deep uranium mining, the disposal of disused buildings and technologies and the subsequent revitalisation of the landscape.

Mining began in 1957. Since 1968, the Chemical Treatment Plant has been in operation, including two tailings ponds. Pursuant to Government Resolution No. 50 of 25 January 2016, active mining at the Rozna deposit ceased on 31 December 2016.

On 30 June 2020, a Cooperation Agreement for the operation of the Bukov PVP was concluded between DIAMO, a state enterprise, and the Czech Republic-SURAO for the period until 2030 with a possible option until 2035.

The mined uranium ore was subsequently processed in the Chemical Processing Plant. The resulting product was a chemical concentrate of uranium - ammonium diuranate. The Chemical Treatment Plant also elutes the U-metal sorbed on the ion exchangers of the decontamination stations during the treatment of mine water. In the technological process of treatment of tailings water, sodium sulphate is obtained as a by-product.

As part of the mine closure process, mine water treatment is being carried out at sites where mining activities have ceased. The mouths of abandoned main mine workings managed by GEAM Ltd. that have been disposed of in the past after the end of exploration and mining of uranium, polymetallic ores, coal and lignite are regularly monitored. The reclaimed tailings are being cultivated by replanting damaged forest crops and repairing fences. The reclaimed spoil heaps are handed over to the Forests of the Czech Republic. Monitoring of their impact on the environment is part of the disposal and remediation work.

The GEAM o.z. also includes the Hodonín Centre, which mainly carries out work related to the relicensing of insufficiently disposed oil and gas probes. This centre has also been involved in the long term in the mitigation of the consequences of mining activities after lignite mining in the South Moravian lignite district and coal mining in the Rosice-Oslavany coal basin.

In addition to the above-mentioned depletion process, the RD Jeseník centre also carries out exploration work at the Zlaté Hory deposit on the liquidated polymetallic ore deposits in the North Moravia region.

The spin-off plant has a design department, a construction department and a mechanical production department, which is used, among other things, in the production and assembly of mine water treatment technology. The spin-off plant also operates an accredited testing laboratory centre, provides transport of radioactive substances, a mining rescue service and carries out geological and mining surveying work.

Lower organisational units

  • Rožná I plant (R I)
  • Chemical Treatment Plant (CWTP)
  • Transport and Mechanisation plant (TM)
  • Operation of Jeseník Ore Mines (RDJE)
  • Operation of JLD Hodonín (JLDH)