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Environmental remediation Water treatment Thinking of the future Using modern technologies

DIAMO, state enterprise, branch GEAM 

Mining was commenced in 1957. A chemical treatment plant and two tailings ponds have been in operation since 1968. The mine was opened through 11 pits and the underground corridors amount to about 509 km. The depth of mining since 2005 ranged between 950 and 1,200 m under ground level. The mining area is 8.76 km². By 2016 the deposits yielded 20,220 tonnes of uranium.

The GEAM Dolní Rožínka branch continued selective uranium ore mining in harmony with Czech Government Resolution No. 1316/2005, approving continued mining and processing of uranium at the Rožná deposit until the end of 2008. By Czech Government Resolution No. 565/2007 of 23 May 2007 the period of permitted uranium mining and processing at the Rožná deposit in the Dolní Rožínka locality was extended for the time of retained economic benefit of the mining without the need for CR state budget subsidies. On the basis of Government Resolution No. 50 of 25 January 2016 active mining at the Rožná deposit was terminated as at 31 December 2016.

The mined uranium ore was subsequently processed in the chemical treatment plant. The resulting product was a chemical uranium concentrate – sodium diuranate. The chemical treatment also included elution of U-metal absorbed in the ionexchange resin of the decontamination plants for mine water treatment. The technological process of sludge water treatment produces sodium sulphate as a by-product.

In the context of elimination of consequences of mine activity, mining water was treated in the localities with terminated mining. Recently the main outlet profiles of the GEAM branch released to rivers about 6.5 mil. m³ of water a year produced by treatment of over-balance water from the tailings ponds of the chemical treatment plant. The outlets of the main abandoned mines managed by the GEAM branch and closed in the past after completion of survey and mining of uranium, poly-metallic ores, coal and lignite are periodically inspected. The landscaped piles are used for planting of the damaged forest cultures and fence repairs. The mining, liquidation and remediation works include monitoring of their effects on the environment.

Lower organisational units

  • Rožná I plant (R I)
  • Chemical Treatment Plant (CWTP)
  • Transport and Mechanisation plant (TM)
  • Operation of Jeseník Ore Mines (RDJE)
  • Operation of JLD Hodonín (JLDH)