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DIAMO, state enterprise, Stráž pod Ralskem

DIAMO, state enterprise, with its registered seat at Stráž pod Ralskem, is an organisation dealing with elimination of consequences of mining activities after uranium, ore, and partially also coal mining in the Czech Republic. 

The attenuation and remediation programme is in compliance with the state policy for progressive improvement of the quality of environment and elimination of old environmental burdens with state funding. The programme consists of:

Implementation of an attenuation programme in uranium industry with elimination of consequences of survey, mining, treatment and processing of uranium from uranium deposits, commenced in 1989.

Completion of the process of elimination of consequences of mining and processing of ores in the context of attenuation of ore mining, commenced by the Czech government in 1990 and taken over from the wound-up state enterprise Ore Mines of Příbram in 2001.

Liquidation and remediation works after coal mining in the Rosice-Oslavany Basin and in the area of lignite mines around Hodonín, commenced in the context of attenuation of coal mining in the years 1990 and 1991 and taken over together with the state enterprise Ore Mines of Příbram in 2001.

Liquidation and remediation works after black coal mining in the attenuated part of the Ostrava-Karviná District, commenced in 1991 and taken over from OKD, a.s., Ostrava in 2002.

Elimination of environmental burden of former refinery production of the past state enterprise OSTRAMO in Ostrava, taken over in 1997.

The concept of the performed liquidation and remediation works is based on individual resolutions of the Government of the Czech Republic; for the individual localities the concept is described in technical projects of liquidation and remediation. Removal of consequences of survey, mining and processing of the above mentioned raw materials is performed in compliance with strict requirements for environmental protection and its development.

 An integral part of the remediation of mining activity consequences is represented by payment of social and health benefits to the former and current employees of the DIAMO, state enterprise, including all organisations for which DIAMO, state enterprise, became their successor company.