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Company history

1945 – On 23 November 1945 an interstate agreement was signed between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Soviet Union on surveying, mining and supply of radioactive raw materials to the Soviet Union.

1946  – On 1 January 1946 uranium industry was introduced to Jáchymov, known for historic silver and uranium mining, called Jáchymov Mines, national enterprise. This national enterprise was subordinated to the Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Mines of the Ministry of Industry.

1955 – The name Jáchymov Mines, national enterprise, was cancelled and the Central Administration of Research and Mining of Radioactive Raw Materials (Czech abbreviation ÚSVTRS) with eight organisational units was established for uranium mining and processing, and for construction and engineering activities.

1960 – The headquarters of the ÚSVTRS was transferred from Jáchymov to Příbram, into the area with the most extensive mining activities.

1967 – The name abbreviated as ÚSVTRS was changed to the Czechoslovak Uranium Industry (Czech abbreviation ČSUP), subordinated to the Ministry of Mining.

1976 – The state economic organisation called Czechoslovak Uranium Industry, Příbram Concern, was founded.

1988 – As at 1 July 1988 the state enterprise called Czechoslovak Uranium Industry (ČSUP), Příbram Concern, was established.

1989 – The Government adopted a resolution of 19 October 1989 on attenuation of uranium mining and related activities. This decision launched extensive restructuring of uranium industry, accompanied with considerable limitation of all activities, including production of uranium concentrate and privatisation of activities not directly related to mining and processing of uranium ore.

1991 – In connection with termination of uranium ore mining from the Příbram deposit the headquarters of ČSUP was moved to Stráž pod Ralskem. This act was accompanied by a number of organisational changes in connection with restructuring of the manufacturing and trading activities of uranium industry.

1992 – The ČSUP state enterprise was renamed to DIAMO, state enterprise, Stráž pod Ralskem (as at 1 May 1992), and privatisation of some of the branches of DIAMO, state enterprise, was commenced.

Construction of the Háje Underground Gas Storage Tank was commenced.

1993 – After the split of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic the DIAMO state enterprise became the legal successor of ČSUP and owner of the equipment operated in the territory of the Czech Republic.

1994 –2000 – DIAMO, state enterprise, continued in the process of privatisation and transformation to market economy, with continuous decrease of uranium production.

1995 – Commenced liquidation of the uranium mine called Hamr I.

1996 – Commenced liquidation of chemical extraction of uranium from the deposit at Stráž pod Ralskem.

2001 – On 1 November 2001 the former state enterprise Ore Mines was merged with the DIAMO state enterprise.

The DIAMO state enterprise executed a long-term procurement contract for the years 2001–2005 with ČEZ Prague, joint-stock company.

2002 – On 1 January 2002 the state enterprise acquired the liquidated part of the Ostrava-Karviná mines called ODRA branch.

2004 – On the basis of Government Resolution No. 1128/2003 the Barbora Locality of OKD, joint-stock company, was merged with the state enterprise with effect as of 1 January 2004, including the centre for payment of social benefits to miners pursuant to Act No. 154/2002 Coll., and Government Resolution No. 913 of 1999.

2005 – Approved Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 1316 for extraction of the remaining uranium from the Rožná deposit in the locality of Dolní Rožínka, allowing for mining and processing until 2008, and executed contract with the National Property Fund on reimbursement of costs connected with liquidation of chemical extraction of uranium at Stráž pod Ralskem in the amount of CZK 1,948 million for implementation of investment projects of elimination of consequences of chemical uranium extraction.

2006 – The significant increase of world uranium prices created a prospect for continued mining at the GEAM branch even beyond 2008, and the state enterprise sold part of its production abroad for prices facilitating effective extraction.

2007 – Government Resolution No. 565 related to extended uranium mining from the Rožná deposit in the locality of Dolní Rožínka, merger of Remediation Works Ostrava branch and ODRA Ostrava-Vítkovice branch into one entity – ODRA Ostrava-Vítkovice branch – with effect as at 1 February 2007.

2008 – Government Resolution No. 15 of 9 January 2008 – on the proposal for settlement of damages from unresolved commitments related to transfer of the bankrupt limited liability company OSTRAMO, Vlček a spol., to state ownership in the context of the bankruptcy proceeding.

Commencement of the construction project for “Processing of stock liquor plant” at Stráž pod Ralskem with the total costs exceeding CZK 1.4 billion, significantly shortening rehabilitation of the Stráž deposit.

Commencement of a project financed from EU funds – Operational Programme Environment: “Rehabilitation and Re-Cultivation of Old Environmental Burdens after Uranium Ore Processing at MAPE Mydlovary“.

Commenced works on extraction of the OSTRAMO lagoon content.

2009 – Commencement of operation of the “Processing of stock liquor plant” at Stráž pod Ralskem.

Government Resolution No. 1584 of 21 December 2009 in relation to the Report on the Critical Financial Situation of State Establishments Implementing the Process of Elimination of Consequences of Mining Activities and Remediation of Environmental Damage in 2010 and following years.

2010 – Commenced “Rehabilitation of the Territory Burdened with Hazardous Waste Storage at Pozďátky”.

Completion of technical works on the significant project financed from the Operational Programme Environment at Mydlovary.

2011 – Commencement of digging works in the context of the project of construction of the underground gas storage tank at Rožná.

Completed extraction of the designed volume of material from the OSTRAMO lagoons.

2012 – Completed installation of the technology of neutralisation and decontamination station NDS 10 and commencement of trial operation of the technology in July.

Completed works on “Liquidation of Processing Plant Premises at Příbram – Březové Hory, including remediation of the surrounding land”.

2013 – Launch of routine operation of the Technology of Neutralisation and Decontamination Station NDS 10.

2014 – Commenced “Rehabilitation of Surface Mines” and “Liquidation of Chemical Treatment Plant” at Stráž pod Ralskem from the funds of the Operational Programme Environment.

The Government of the Czech Republic approved in its Resolution No. 1086 of 22 December 2014 continued uranium mining and processing at the Rožná deposit until 2017, without demand for state funding (i.e. as long as economically feasible).

2015 – Completed liquidation and rehabilitation of the last surface premises of underground uranium mines at Stráž pod Ralskem.

Executed implementation contract for extraction and liquidation of over-balance sludge from the OSTRAMO lagoon.

2016 – Major historic milestones: 70th anniversary of uranium industry in the Czech Republic and 50th anniversary of the Uranium Mines purpose-built organisation.

Extraction of the millionth tonne of contaminants from the Cenomanian aquifer affected by technological solutions resulting from chemical extraction of uranium from the deposit at Stráž pod Ralskem.

Commercial mining at the Rožná deposit was closed by Government Resolution No. 50 of 25 January 2016 as of 31 December 2016.