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Company activities

The DIAMO state enterprise mainly focuses on elimination of consequences of mining activities, including liquidation, remediation and rehabilitation works on the premises of operations and establishments connected with extraction and processing of minerals and other industrial activities, mitigation of environmental damage caused by these activities and administration and maintenance of the related burdens in the Czech Republic. The DIAMO state enterprise also performs state guaranteed and environment-friendly surveys of localities for special interventions in the Earth’s crust for the purpose of underground storage of radioactive waste.

Company activities:

  • Rehabilitation works, removal of consequences of uranium ore and coal mining and processing.
  • Technological and biological re-cultivation of land after termination of mining activities.
  • Mining and mining-like activities, especially treatment and processing of radioactive minerals.
  • Land surveying.
  • Hydro-geological research and survey and special works connected with water management.
  • Engineering and industrial construction with technological equipment, including mining-like activities.
  • Administration and handling of state property entrusted for economic activities.
  • Operation of a local electricity distribution network (LDN) on the basis of an electricity distribution licence.
  • DIAMO, state enterprise, is certified by the State Office for Nuclear Safety for manipulation with sources of ionising radiation, namely use of radionuclide radiators in activities related to:
  • Detection of presence of sources of ionising radiation in raw materials, metal products and solid communal waste
  • Detection of presence of sources of ionising radiation at sumps, scrap iron collection centres and manufacturing operations
  • Liquidation of found sources of ionising radiation and materials contaminated with radioactive substances. Activities performed by GEAM Dolní Rožínka branch, contact:, phone – cell: +420 724 217 160, fixed line: +420 566 593 608

DIAMO, state enterprise, in addition to its principal activities, further ensures:

  • Cultural monument care,
  • Liquidation of industrial waste dumps,
  • Drilling and geophysical measurements,
  • Operation of accredited testing laboratories,
  • Heat generation and distribution,
  • Operation of communal waste dump,
  • Mining rescue service,
  • International training centre activity.