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Rehabilition works

DIAMO, state enterprise, carries out elimination of consequences of uranium, ore and a part of coal mining activities in the Czech Republic, on the basis of complex atomic, mining and environmental legislation. The major activities include decontamination of waters affected by uranium mining and processing.

The rehabilitation and re-cultivation programme is funded by the state in compliance with the state policy for continuous improvement of quality of the environment and elimination of old environmental burdens. The policy is based on a set of technological measures whose implementation will in effect lead to complete removal or at least minimisation of the individual environmental burdens negatively affecting the local environment. The purpose of these activities is clear – to recover the natural or substitute uses of all territories carrying these burdens.

The concept of the elimination and remediation works is based on individual governmental resolutions and specific technological and social projects of liquidation and remediation of the individual localities. Elimination of consequences of survey, mining and processing of the above mentioned raw materials is implemented in compliance with the strict requirements for environment protection and development.

The environment condition in the areas of activity of DIAMO state enterprise is monitored and evaluated in the long run. Monitoring covers all aspects of the environment, including quantities, parameters and facts relevant with regard to radiation protection.

The results of environmental monitoring keep proving that the current activity of DIAMO is not connected with any environmental pollution or other damage in excess of the legislative limits. In addition the monitoring repeatedly confirms manifestations of the positive effect of the environment remediation activities performed by DIAMO.