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Water treatment

In the context of elimination of consequences of uranium, poly-metallic ore and coal mining and processing DIAMO, state enterprise, pays special attention to environmental protection, with a focus on its most vulnerable component – water. Cleaning and release of mine waters in former uranium mining localities and other mineral ore mines is an integral part of DIAMO’s activities. Water released to the local rivers meets the legislative limits. This is ensured by a network of mine wastewater treatment plants operated by DIAMO across the Czech Republic.

In addition to mining water treatment the company also performs direct and systematic monitoring of the released mine water from the administered abandoned mines and  liquidation of over-balance waters from the tailings ponds after ore processing in effect resulting in re-cultivation of the affected land and its return to its further use according to the effective zoning plans.

One of the most demanding projects implemented by the DIAMO state enterprise is rehabilitation of the rock affected by in situ leaching of uranium in the region of Česká Lípa, consisting in removal of residual technological solutions after uranium mining from the Cenomanian aquifer and protection of the Turonian aquifer, which is important from the water management point of view. After removal of the contaminants the treated water is discharged to the Ploučnice river or returned underground.