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Environmental remediation Water treatment Thinking of the future Using modern technologies

We are an attractive and stable employer

Work at DIAMO, s. e., is varied, interesting and promising. Our experts know how to assert themselves.

We eliminate the consequences of industrial activity

We are a professional company that carries out the mitigation of damage caused by mining and other industrial activities.

We give nature back its face

We are a professional company that carries out the restoration of land disturbed by industrial activity.

We deal with the management of NORM residues

We can solve the permanent and safe storage of materials containing natural radionuclides.

We ensure the interests of the state in the field of strategic raw materials

We evaluate and search for sources of strategic minerals, assess and propose the mining and processing of minerals.

We solve the use of raw materials from waste rock dumps, tailings ponds and remediation products

We practically verify the possibilities of using mining waste and engage in the circular economy.

We collaborate and communicate

We openly cooperate and communicate with the state, regions, cities and municipalities, institutions, universities and other entities.

We have unique knowledge, experience and technology

We maintain and envolve our know-how, experienced employees share their knowledge and skills with new colleagues, and we continuously improve and develop our technology.

We are dedicated to innovation and we have invention

Every idea can move us further, we develop and improve our processes, we look for new knowledge and we follow modern trends.