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DIAMO, state enterprise, SUL branch

DIAMO, state enterprise, branch Správa uranových ložisek, administers the liquidated mining and processing capacities connected with uranium and other ore deposits in Bohemia, except for the North Bohemia and East Bohemia regions, including 19 individual areas of uranium and other ore mines with more than five thousand known environmental burdens.

Works on elimination of burdens left after uranium ore mining and processing have recently continued in harmony with the updated attenuation projects for the individual regions as permitted by the allocated state budget funds.

At the end of 2022, 13 abandoned mine workings and 1 sinkhole were transferred from the administration of DIAMO to Severočeské doly a. s. (the parent company of ČEZ). All this is related to the significant amount of lithium reserves found in the underground of Cínovec and its possible future mining and processing.

The treatment of mine water in the Příbram area continues to be an important phenomenon in the operations of the spin-off plant. This is mainly ensured by the newly built large-capacity mine water treatment plant on the site of the former shaft No. 19, commissioned at the end of 2005. In view of possible extreme inflows of water into the deposit, its capacity was subsequently strengthened by the reconstruction of the older ČDV-1 Bytíz.

On the basis of the promotion of the circular economy and in accordance with the state's raw materials policy, crushed aggregate is currently being newly produced on the spoil heaps of shafts No 11 and No 19. This aggregate, which complies with the CSN standards, is mainly used for linear and transport structures in the extravillage of the municipalities. The largest project is currently the supply of aggregates for the completion of the D4 motorway.

In the course of the liquidation of the consequences of the activities of the MAPE Mydlovary chemical treatment plant, remediation and reclamation of the K III, K IV/E, K IV/R and K IV/C1Z sludge ponds is currently being carried out. The chemical treatment plant itself and sludge ponds K I, K IV/D and K IV/C2 have already been remediated in the past.

The mitigation of the consequences of mining activities and the liquidation of emergency conditions is mainly carried out in the localities of Horní Slavkov, Jáchymov, Příbram.

Continuous activities include mining-technical monitoring of abandoned mine workings and monitoring of selected environmental components in all problem areas.