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DIAMO, state enterprise, branch ODRA 

DIAMO, state enterprise, ODRA branch, was established as the successor organisation of the closed mines Šverma, Heřmanice, Ostrava and Odra, i.e. the mines of the Ostrava mining district, on 1 January 1998 acquiring the J. Fučík mine and on 1 July 1999 merging the plants of František and Paskov of the Karviná and the southern part of the district. As at 1 January 2002 the ODRA branch, by sale of part of the joint-stock company OKD, a. s., in harmony with Government Resolution No. 453/2001, was joined with DIAMO, state enterprise. As at 1 January 2004 the ODRA branch, by sale of part of OKD, a. s., in harmony with Government Resolution No. 1128/2003, merged with the Barbora locality.

By organisational change as of 1 February 2007 the SAP (Remediation Works) branch was wound up and joined as the Lagoon Centre with the organisational structure of the ODRA branch. As at 1 January 2011 the Lagoon Centre was included in the organisation of the Surface centre. The ODRA branch is in the stage of advanced attenuation of mining and includes organisational units of Mine and Surface and professional management sections, production, technology and environment protection management and economy and HR management sections.

The Surface centre manages all former mines in the Ostrava and the Petřvald basins (hereinafter ODP and PDP), in the southern part of the district – the former Paskov Mine, and in the Karviná part – the former Barbora Mine – with completed “technological liquidation of the mine”. The Surface centre further manages the waste dump, the OSTRAMO Lagoon. The Mine centre manages the mines of the Jeremenko and Žofie plants (the water pits, the piles, the degassing drills and the liquidated main mine works and old mines).

The ODRA branch provides:

  • Care of 100 main mines closed after 1 January 1946 in the allocated mining areas.
  • Pumping of mine waters from the Ostrava basin at the Jeremenko mine and Petřvald basin at the Žofie locality.
  • Administration of entrusted property – the waste dump (OSTRAMO Lagoon) and engineering and control activities for state fund drawing by the contractor implementing the “Remedial Measures at the OSTRAMO LAGOON".
  • Engineering and control activities for state fund drawing by the contractors performing revitalisation of the Moravian Silesian Region – “Land Preparation after Termination of Mining Activities of DIAMO, state enterprise, ODRA branch“ and “Complex Solution of Methane Issue in Connection with Old Mines“.
  • Care of property administered by ODRA branch – basic maintenance and repairs, leases and transfers of unused property, protection of vested interest of the branch in relation to foreign entities (entries to plots, providing standpoints to projects and specification of conditions for their implementation, easements), accounting and tax accounting, cooperation with state administrative authorities in property administration (cadastral offices, civil offices, environment protection offices etc.)
  • Settlement of social and health claims connected with past mining activity (compensations for loss of earnings pursuant to the Labour Code and special contributions to miners with entitlement before 31 December 1992 and free allowance(s), with entitlement before 16 January 1992). Settlement of claims for special contribution to miners and compensations of loss of earning after 1 January 1993 as a consequence of attenuation of mining and other mandatory allowances for mitigation of the social impact of attenuation of mining at OKD, a. s.
  • Demolitions of unneeded buildings by in-house resources or by outsourcing.
  • Reconstructions required by the attenuation, such as of mine pumping stations, switching stations, energy networks on the premises etc.
  • Operation of a substantial part of the system of passive protection of the Ostrava and the Petřvald basins against uncontrolled surfacing of mine gases. Operation of a monitoring system of mine gas surfacing from selected closed pits and their surrounding objects.
  • In the context of elimination of consequences of mining activity: settlement of damage caused by mining activity to natural persons and legal entities and rehabilitation and re-cultivation of territories affected by mining.
  • Care of 11 immovable and 2 movable cultural monuments in 5 premises.

Lower organisational units

  • Mine centre
  • Surface centre