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DIAMO, state enterprise, branch DARKOV

The branch DARKOV carries out the technical disposal of mines and mining areas after the end of mining, including the remediation and reclamation of waste rock heaps and tailings ponds, mitigates the consequences of mining activities and ensures the long-term safety of the gaseous hard coal deposit in the managed mining areas of the Karviná and Podbeskydy region of the Czech part of the Upper Silesian coal basin.

DIAMO, state enterprise, branch DARKOV was entered into the Commercial Register on 29 October 2020.

On 1 January 2021, on the basis of Resolution No 949 of the Government of the Czech Republic of 21 September 2020, the attenuated mines of OKD, a.s., including the sites of Útlum-Jih and Útlum-Sever (Mine Staříč, Mine Frenštát, Mine Dukla and Mine Lazy), were transferred to the State, with the right to manage them for DIAMO, state enterprise, branch DARKOV. Together with these sites, the relevant mining areas of Staříč, Trojanovice, Petřvald I, Dolní Suchá and Lazy were transferred. On 1 March 2021, the attenuated mines Darkov and ČSA were further transferred, including the associated Doubrava u Orlová, Karviná - Doly I, Karviná - Doly II and Darkov mining areas.

The purpose of the remediation processes set up in the managed areas is to ensure the removal of the consequences of mining activities and the implementation of landscape reclamation and revitalisation. The primary objective is to ensure and safely carry out the technical disposal of the main mine workings leading to the surface, including the relevant surface objects, and to prepare the territory of the individual mining areas for further use in the future. Within the transferred mining areas, the branch DARKOV is also responsible for the regular inspection and maintenance of the main mine workings, tailings ponds and waste rock heaps that have already been disposed of in the past.

DIAMO, state enterprise, branch DARKOV currently consists of Centre Útlum-Jih, Frenštát the centreand has 9 mining areas under its management.