History of the company


On 23 November, a bilateral inter-state agreement was signed between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Soviet Union on prospecting, mining and deliveries of radioactive raw materials to the Soviet Union.


On 1 January, Jáchymovské doly (JD) national enterprise, with a seat in Jáchymov, was established. It was subordinated to the Headquarters of the Czechoslovak Mines within the Ministry of Industry. HQs of the national enterprise directly managed groups for prospecting work (revision, search and survey) and for construction and assembly (“Budování” works).


On 2nd November, the name Jáchymovské doly, n.p. was deleted and Central Administration of Research and Mining of Radioactive Raw Materials (in Czech abbreviated as ÚSVTRS) was established as a central body with the right of the Ministry. ÚSVTRS’s competence covered mining and processing of uranium on the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic and related building and machine engineering activities.


On 1 February, the Prospecting group within ÚSVTRS was converted to Jáchymovské doly national enterprise – Geological survey, seated in Hluboš, and later in Buková near Příbram.


ÚSVTRS HQs moved from Jáchymov to Příbram, i.e. to the area with the largest mining activities.


On 1 July, Central Administration of the Uranium Industry (which replaced ÚSVTRS from 14 July 1965) was dissolved and an economic organization called Czechoslovak Uranium Industry (in Czech abbreviated as ČSUP), subordinated to the Ministry of Mining, was established .


On 19 October, Czechoslovak Government Presidium‘s Decree no. 94 was adopted concerning the inhibition program for uranium mining and related activities. Based on this Decree, the uranium industry underwent massive restructuring in the subsequent period, which was accompanied by substantial restriction of all activities including production of the uranium concentrate. At the same time, activities which were not directly related to uranium ore mining and processing were privatized.


On 1 August, the seat of ČSUP moved again – this time from Příbram to Stráž pod Ralskem – in relation to the discontinuation of uranium mining in the Příbram site.


On 31 March, Concern enterprise ČSUP, Příbram, was renamed to DIAMO, state enterprise, Stráž pod Ralskem.


On 1 January, after the split of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic, DIAMO, state enterprise became a legal successor of ČSUP. The company’s privatization and transformation to market economy continued.


On 1 January, the right to manage the state property of Ostramo Lagoons, Ostrava, was transferred to DIAMO.


On 1 November, former state enterprise Rudné doly was annexed.


On 1 January, the defunct part of the Ostrava-Karviná mines was annexed to the state enterprise under the name of ODRA.