DIAMO s.p.

DIAMO, state enterprise, Stráž pod Ralskem


DIAMO, state enterprise, with the headquarters in Stráž pod Ralskem, implements the inhibition of the uranium, ore and, partially, of the coal mining in the Czech Republic as declared by the government and ensures production of uranium concentrate for the nuclear energy sector.

The inhibition and remediation programme complies with the state policy of gradual improvement of the environment and removal of old environmental damage financed by the state and it primarily comprises:

  • Implementation of the inhibition programme and removal of the results of prospecting, mining and processing of uranium which was launched in 1989.
  • Completion of the removal of results of ore mining and processing in the framework of inhibition of the ore mining industry launched by the government in 1990 and taken over from the defunct state enterprise Rudné doly (RD) Příbram in 2001.
  • Dismantling and cleanup work following coal mining in the Rosice-Oslavany coal basin and in the area of Hodonín lignite mines, which was launched as part of the coal mining inhibition programme in 1990 and 1991, and taken over together with the state enterprise RD Příbram in 2001.
  • Dismantling and cleanup work following black coal mining in the wound-up part of the Ostrava-Karviná coal mining district, launched in 1991 and taken over from OKD, a. s. Ostrava in 2002.
  • Remediation of environmental damage caused by refining production in the former state enterprise OSTRAMO in Ostrava, taken over in 1997.

The concept of dismantling and remediation work is based on individual government decrees and for separate localities it is specified by technical dismantling and cleanup projects. The results of prospecting, mining and processing of the raw materials listed are removed in compliance with strict environment protection requirements.

The social programme is an integral part of the removal of results of the mining and related activities. It involves administration and payment of obligatory social and health benefits to the current, as well as former DIAMO’s employees, including all organizations for which the state enterprise was selected as a successor organization.


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